0Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet South health public health hold up umbrella|Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet South health public health hold up umbrella

In new network – VIDEO – Shannan Prefecture of Tibet health: public health to prop up the "umbrella" Tibet Shannan health: for healthy people, propped up the "umbrella" [comment] in recent years, the Tibet Shannan area to speed up the construction of health service, to improve the health quality, into the "ten popular project". The implementation of this initiative, the urban and rural areas of the health service system gradually improve, and strengthen the disease prevention and control capacity, local health work walk in the forefront in Tibet, supported the "umbrella" for the health of people. [comment] LHOZHAG County, Lhoka Prefecture Luozha Zhen Ji Dui Cun is a remote small village, but the village health room tidy courtyard, independent departments, eye-catching signs, complete equipment of diagnosis and treatment, but in order to give people a feeling of eyes bright. [comment] old man who lives in Ji Dui Cun karma, with little granddaughter Avanch Jane doctor in village clinics, and checks in a timely manner. The doctor found Jane with Xiaoqu after upper respiratory tract infection, immediately for her skin test, dispensing and infusion etc.. [earlier] (Luozha County town of Luozha Ji Dui Cun clinic doctors Jemima) before our village medical conditions particularly poor, people because of shortage of doctors and medicine are not treated, but now medical conditions well, people patients can receive timely treatment. [comment] a neat out-patient departments, a Taiwan and Taiwan advanced medical instrument, attitude of window service kind, patient orderly queue up to see a doctor. Into the Luozha County People’s Hospital, the medical environment makes people feel warm. [comment] after more than half a century of development, LHOZHAG County People’s Hospital, has developed into a set of medical, emergency treatment, prevention and health care as one of the general hospital. Hospital set up a total of 24 departments, 65 professional and technical personnel, 50 beds, to carry out a number of surgical procedures to meet the needs of more than 2 people in the hospital for medical treatment. [during the same period] (Kassandro Mar) this year to (county) hospital (Doctor), the operation is very successful, there is no problem, it is very grateful (medical staff). [comment] from home and abroad to purchase the most advanced inspection equipment, from inside and outside the region, the introduction of excellent medical and health personnel, training and excellent medical personnel from the basic position, along the way, LHOZHAG County People’s Hospital, although teeter, but continue to grow and develop. [comment] since 2014, Shannan area will no longer be a "first pay, after treating a disease", "no money, no cure the old service mode, the first time to disease patients to provide a safe and effective treatment, reduce the economic burden of the patients, opened the lives and health of the" green passage "for the majority of patients, lets each people the benefits of medical reform. [earlier] (Luozha County People’s Hospital Dean Danzen Nima) (we can) for the county 20000 more than farmers and herdsmen and cadres and workers provide quality health care services. [comment] at present, Shannan area all farmers and herdsmen has been incorporated into the to free medical care and basic medical security system, the number of insured reached more than 30 million people, the agricultural and pastoral areas of medical standards for government grants to per capita 420 yuan, the highest reimbursement limit of 6 million yuan, the proportion of reimbursement policy within the scope of the reached 80%