0Batum leave not my intention is not adapt to the visitors’ locker room (video)|Batum leave not my intention is not adapt to the visitors’ locker room (video)

The Palestinian Maktoum: departure was not my original intention does not adapt to the visitors’ locker room [scoring] wasps outside wonderful with the Palestinian Maktoum key third counter ultra Tencent sports January 30 news today, NBA regular season continued, the Charlotte Hornets will be the away game to challenge the Portland Trail Blazers. It will also be the first time that the team player Batum Nicholas has returned to Portland after being traded for the first time. After Batum was traded for the first time back to Portland and the other to leave the pioneer of different main, Batum is the team traded away. In the NBA draft, the Blazers to send Batum to Sherlock, for Gerrard Henderson and Nuo A von levin. "I don’t want to leave, that’s all," said Batum. "I mean, I understand the business side of basketball, but I’ve stayed here for 7 years, after all. We have great memories, both pleasure and pain." Looking back on his career as a pioneer, Batum has only a little regret. "The only regret may is the first became a free agent after the attitude," the Palestinian Maktoum said, "my agent, I hope I can go somewhere else, but I must say I really very happy Blazers matched the offer, really, believe me." July 2012, the forest wolf for Batum out of a 46 million 500 thousand year $4 contract, there are insider who broke the news that Batum want to open up to do not match the offer, he believes he is more suitable for Adelman’s tactical system. Portland, final offer, Batum has changed the tone, said in Portland made him feel very excited. On first returned to Portland, the Palestinian Maktoum said: "I in a locker room spent seven years, the same bench, but now to the visitors’ locker room, sitting at the other end of the hall. This kind of feeling is really very strange. Of course, it would be a special night. It’s always nice to get back here. Moda center is one of the best arena League, they have the greatest fans crazy." (Rolls Royce) scanning Tencent enjoy sports APP download NBA video broadcast