09The former striker was forced to retire match-fixing suspected security what makes you so cross – Cr|The former striker was forced to retire match-fixing suspected security what makes you so cross – Cr7

The former striker was forced to retire match-fixing suspected security: what makes you so Cronin cross – a Sohu sports from Beijing Guoan right back, once with their wonderful performance to conquer Zhu Guanghu, had become the owners right foot. South Africa in 2010 and the Asian World Cup qualifiers, wonderful performance he can attack good defense in the country on the right foot, then won the national football coach folado highly appreciate. He was 27 years old, has become the national security and the country foot double right back. He is Zhang Shuai, once Zhang Shuai is Beijing Guoan team in the star of hope, the functional right back or centre back, technical characteristics for responsiveness and steals actively. In June 29, 2008, a Beijing Guoan home court against Shanghai Shenhua in the Super League, the Guoan players Zhang Shuai’s farewell performance. After the game, the 27 year old international defender was delegated Club reserve, and retired after 4 months. For Zhang Shuai, Guoan has not publicly expressed the players playing match-fixing or soccer gambling behavior, but from the club, the punishment is not hard to understand Zhang Shuai’s behavior really touched the bottom line of the club. In June 29, 2008, Beijing Guoan home court 0 2 lost to Shanghai Shenhua, our vocational defender Zhang Shuai scored a goal in the game. The next morning, the club made a decision to put Zhang Shuai down the reserves. But after receiving the notice of the club, Zhang Shuai did not go to the reserve team report, until November 10th announced his retirement, he has never stepped into the door of the national security step. In the meantime, the national security team leader Wei Kexing was the club commissioned telephone communication repeatedly with Zhang Shuai, to persuade them to obey the arrangement to the reserve team report, and the commitment as to admit mistakes and actively training in the reserve team, will have the opportunity to return to the first team, but was rejected. Finally, Zhang Shuai retired and published through the media statement, defend their brief occupation career was, "I am Guoan trained, in 2000, I came to the national security, my feelings for the club is beyond doubt, when I say home court to Shenhua state difference, I can recognize, but to say that I match-fixing, I determined not to recognize. I’m 27 years old and know what to do and what can’t be done, I repeat, I never did what they said." As the national security team’s main defender, Zhang Shuai had a number of abnormal performance in the game, which caused the attention of the national security club. In that season Li Zhangzhu came to national security, South Koreans had several times to talk with Zhang Shuai, hoping that the latter have convergence, but the effect is not obvious. Therefore, after the game in June 29, 2008, the national security decision pain killer. According to reports from the Football Insider dealer in order to manipulate the game, sometimes offer 2 million to 4 million yuan bribe players, because of the location, and are often the most popular goalkeeper guard. But such a huge amount of money is not only to a player, but through a player to contact a number of players to complete fraud. Therefore, if a player often operate alone, he would inevitably commit outrage. It is understood that Zhang Shuai had been accused of "eat alone". After Zhang Shuai retired, Guoan group