07White dragon masters interview PK white chocolate rain idol Iverson (video)|White dragon masters interview PK white chocolate rain idol Iverson (video)5

Bai Jingting masters interview: want to PK white chocolate rain gods Iverson dunk master basketball crazy James Kechien Bai Jingting Tencent sports news September 8th supertux basketball masters will be held on September 10th in Shanghai staged a grand, 20 sports entertainment to a large coffee with "sports entertainment vs" super fight! The artist stars Bai Jingting told the Tencent sports interview, tells his story of basketball. White began to play varsity basketball for her primary school insurance into Xuezha Bai Jingting basketball early, from primary school began, like many 90 boys, Bai Jingting love basketball is from the beginning of the famous basketball. "The first contact with basketball, may be the primary school," Bai Jingting said, "why didn’t NBA dunk master, look at the beginning of the first cartoon from the start. I feel the love cherry, character is very funny, is also very hard, very attitude." Middle school Bai Jingting obsessed with basketball, was affecting the learning achievement, he was dumbass, but fortunately he was in high school basketball and learning with better, not delay their studies. "Junior high school love to play, especially want to play basketball for the dedication to school more pure, holding the ball, the class also hold the ball break, ten minutes went to the playground for two night, too, about a few friends to play with," Bai Jingting said, "when I was in primary school is the school team also, when junior high school team, is to follow the school basketball team with practice, the key is to have an excuse to go out to play, then fewer lectures, then just think so." "High school is no longer the varsity team, then learn more nervous," Bai Jingting said, "for the college entrance examination, high school for three years in the basic study. In addition, because I am an art student, to practice the piano, the teacher will be more taboo, because playing easily injured, especially in the hands, the teacher will often tell me to play less, I can only steal to fight." Bai Jingting revealed that he did because of basketball injuries, suffered a hairline fracture. "There are times for playing hurt, this is actually quite normal, boys don’t feel what," Bai Jingting said, "but I have a hands hurt, cracked a hole, the little finger fracture, because this is a good long time not practicing, later will play attention to control their body movements. Some small amplitude." Love to live Tencent anti white chocolate tells the story of basketball Bai Jingting attended Capital Normal University, College of music is Bai Jingting basketball team players, is the team’s score king. Although the work is very busy, but as long as Bai Jingting will have time to watch the game. As a senior fans, Bai Jingting watch NBA has a long history, from junior high school began, the year are on TV, play a limited number, and now the Tencent NBA China digital media exclusive sports as official partners, provides rich resources for the fans to watch the game, feel more comfortable. "I am not advertising, I think Tencent do really very good, also very convenient, with mobile phone will be able to see," Bai Jingting said, "most regular season game, the playoffs are, you can choose, I feel really good." Bai Jingting basketball idol Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Iverson and James, the name of;