07Tachaiya finally out 147! Paul Hunt classic prize 40 thousand pounds – Sohu Sports|Tachaiya finally out 147! Paul Hunt classic prize 40 thousand pounds – Sohu Sports6

Tachaiya finally out 147! Paul Hunt classic won the prize of 40 thousand pounds – Sohu sports in Beijing on August 28th morning, the 2016 World Snooker Paul Hunt classic continues in Germany in the race Fuerth, third 32 into 16 games, Thailand player Tachaiya successfully hit a single shot 147 points, and 4-1 victory over Ma Fulin in round of 16. 147 bonus rolling cumulative to the station to reach $40 thousand. Tachaiya was in the 2015-16 season and missed twice the impact of 147 at the end of a ball, this time he finally realized the desire. This is the official record of 119th shots out of the, the 2016-17 season of the second pole. Paul Hunt classic is a station before the European Tour (ET), from the start of the season upgrade for ranking tournament, bonus in ranking series rolling cumulative (or from 500 pounds to 5 thousand pounds, now soaring) has accumulated to 40 thousand pounds. If there are no other players in the same site hit 147, which is expected by the tower of the 40 thousand pounds. The next race (Shanghai Masters) will start at 5 thousand. The Paul Hunt classic at the end of the four round of the competition in Beijing will be 28 PM to 29 am, will be the champion. The prize is 25000 euros, or about $18750.