07Jin Shan Zhang Chengdong comeback performance Gao Hongbo should consider|Jin Shan Zhang Chengdong comeback performance Gao Hongbo should consider9

Jin Shan: Zhang Chengdong comeback performance Gao Hongbo should consider national security because of the two game losing streak once again fall into the trough, especially the home court against Chongqing is a really ugly way, and if you continue to slip to the relegation zone. Beijing Guoan this year was ups and downs, bad good, always can’t meddle in the first group, but had several fall into the relegation zone, which makes the most popular sports ball city impact has been predicted, perhaps next year to buy packages without a lottery. Although it is difficult for the club and the players to make public statements, but the anxiety is obvious. But because of hand bone fracture recuperate multi field Zhang Chengdong told reporters: "national security at present lack of courage and uprightness, I will bring vitality to the team!" Zhang Chengdong has always been low-key low-key high sounding, but also suppressed. Think he wasn’t injured, Guoan is the strong rebound in the moment, with 2 to 1 victory over Shenhua also toot hospitalization, is really strange, then is the straight Bureau of peace. Zhang Chengdong said his energy is not so big, but he is not in the difference or by the end of the show. The game once again proved his toot effect, running a wide range of passing the right tackle with security attack and defense greatly enriched, I think Gao Hongbo will look in the eyes. National security over the years defense has become a lean super king, two heroic defender Xu Yunlong Zhou Ting added, age is 74 years old, still have to continue to play, one is their ability to prolong life movement, on the other hand, young people can’t catch up with the big step. At the same time, also with high performance requirements every year to force the coach did not dare to let go of the risk. That like Haifeng Ding, Tang Miao such a defender due to lack of opportunity and move, later also prove that two people can take over if there is. Last year, the introduction of the national security of Jin and Li Lei, the purpose is to see whether it can enrich the aging line. Transfer into the national security if not Yu Dabao, Zhang Chengdong has become so famous in fact, the pressure is great. The opportunity to play less is a big disadvantage, and mistakes are easy to be enlarged, the Beijing media and fans are very complex and even sharp criticism of love. Li Lei’s first year is really under the weight of his future is really a bit fuzzy. In November last year, the end of the season to go to the Phuket Island to the club, I also went with the national security, Li Lei and Jin Pengxiang have brought his girlfriend to go, I think they still want to reflect their value as soon as possible. Once in the sea, I looked at the twins and old players together, I would have said to them: "you don’t worry, as long as you are in a game brightens up, you will have a chance!" They still gave me a big face. I think Li Lei is the game’s performance is a solid step, although the last moment of his handball 3 points to 1 points, but the ball he made a tackle or reasonable, just bad luck hit in the hand. 2 more than 2 shares, the team away draw is good, it is commendable that Guoan got his style, do not know whether they can continue. Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina