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Sea Amoy party please note: Ma put the big move — Finance — people.com.cn just a monthly salary of thirty thousand or forty thousand most happiness refresh circle of friends Ma, the B20 summit in Hangzhou quietly put a big move. September 3-4 B20 summit held in Hangzhou, Ma dished out the world e-commerce trading platform (eWTP) initiative. In this regard, the official statement is the establishment of cross-border e-commerce platform for small and medium enterprises, the purpose is to allow people around the world can always buy things around the world. At the beginning we thought Ma to do is the international version of Taobao, is nothing more than the landlord will borrow sell point private live. Until August 31st, Ma accepted interviews in CCTV, and host a question and answer eWTP revealed the real demands, even routine is very deep. Why, this eWTP has simple, because the current WTO system although is committed to cutting the tariff reducing trade barriers, but the main benefit of the country, or large enterprises, customs, taxation, commodity inspection today is mainly for large enterprises; and Ma eWTP is committed to promoting service for small and medium-sized enterprises to join the global industrial chain of small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce the threshold, mobilize their enthusiasm to participate in global trade. When it comes to specific objectives, Ma mentioned two very realistic policy objectives: that is, for 24 hours of customs clearance, and below a certain annual sales tax policy. These two goals, is precisely the current sea Amoy face of the top two problems. In scouring the sea as the theme of the forum, asked why has not filled with goods customs clearance, customs clearance, which when city customs clearance faster discuss so many posts, and how to avoid the "tax", "tax was posted by experience" for comfort and not be posted, "tax" prayer stick. You can imagine, if eWTP can take place, the sea Amoy threshold will be greatly reduced, to the people of the attraction will also rise, the result of international trade flows will be more frequent, especially the direct trade flows of small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers will increase. In the absence of Taobao before, most of the city between the flow of goods is realized by producers and consumers and wholesalers, Taobao will be different city directly linked together; eWTP is aimed at the role of the import and export business, hope that the producers and consumers in different countries in an electronic platform, reduce the intermediate process directly trading. From a micro point of view, eWTP allows consumers to buy goods at a cheaper price and more convenient logistics, but also allows manufacturers to expand the market to the lowest cost in the world. From a macro point of view, it can greatly promote international trade, improve the overall level of welfare. If Ma eWTP can take place at home, fingertips can buy French haute couture, Norway salmon, the United States fresh new iPhone 7, seemed to be able to live the happiest life. (commissioning editor Li Haixia and Lv Qian)