06Data insipid but break 8000 points mark at Las Sichuan holiday paratelum|Data insipid but break 8000 points mark at Las Sichuan holiday paratelum8

Data insipid but break 8000 points mark paratelum holiday Las backs Sichuan Beijing time on November 13th, in 16-17 CBA regular season in the sixth round of the competition, Guangdong 104-87 away win over Fujian, get this season first away win, also will be the first 6 rounds of 3 wins and 3 losses record rewrite. The game Yi Jianlian only played 32 minutes and 25 seconds, finished three games because of lead team great advance punch "work", but in this game a joint or surrendered 15 points, 6 rebounds and 3 steals data, and after the game, a total score in the CBA has been a breakthrough the mark of 8000 points. Although invited Boozer, but has a glorious past, has not been able to lead Guangdong to win, all hope of the Guangdong team pinned on the body of Yi Jianlian. But the Guangdong team players, only rely on Yi and Zhou Peng, although the two pairs of data round Yi scored 27 points and 9 rebounds, but still unable to lead the team to victory over Shanghai, suffered an embarrassing defeat. But before the game against Fujian, Guangdong team has ushered in a good news, because the foreign aid dewbacks injured in Fujian and Jiangsu in the game, to continue hanging mianzhanpai. Although the game up, Yi was Fujian’s Hickson hit 3 points to succeed, but soon a couplet with color, steals a counterattack, Sloan soared in 3 minutes, followed by a fadeaway jumper, helping Guangdong to start 10-5. Subsequently, the Arab League hit the left in the cast, Guangdong 12-7 firmly occupy the field advantage. The first section of the game, the Guangdong team has maintained a leading, Yi will get in the section at the end of a rest time sitting at rest. The second section of the game to Guangdong is very strong, Yi scored again and again to help the Guangdong team to expand the lead to 40-26 and then steals succeeded launch fast, but this wave of break, Boozer failed to hit the hook. The second section is interrupted, Zhao Rui steals it, and then give the ball Yi, Yi met Hickson gave up cover for a dunk, with Yi the dunk, Guangdong will lead to 51-30, this advantage until the last moment of the game, Guangdong was able to slightly relax Fujian branch approaching to within 20 points of difference. It is worth mentioning that, by virtue of the dunk, Yi scored all tenth points, while his CBA career in the total score over 8000 points. However, due to the large difference between the two sides, the third quarter of the game after the Arab League hit a record of 3 points, the whole of the fourth quarter time is watching the performance of his teammates on the bench. The Guangdong team also deliver the goods, first away victory of the season with 17 points in Fujian. The United Arab Republic, because without the help of my team mates, and Liaoning and Shanghai game, a game time more than 43 minutes, in the face of Fujian, the United Arab Republic not only the fourth day on the bench to rest, but the audience only played 32 minutes and 25 seconds, the next 2 consecutive round against Sichuan and Xinjiang. The Guangdong team can win a joint play extremely important. (Le Le)