06British Cup – Arsenal 4-0 victory over the new front PA 2 ball world wave Zacca (video)|British Cup – Arsenal 4-0 victory over the new front PA 2 ball world wave Zacca (video)2

British Cup – A Senna 4-0 victory over the new front PA 2 ball world wave [collection] A Senna Zacca victory over Nottingham forest new front PA 2 ball world wave Zach Peres scored two of the Tencent in September 21st sports news Beijing standard time on September 21st morning, 2016-17 season England League Cup third round, A Senna (data) away 4 to 0 victory over Nottingham forest next round. Lucas – Peres scored two, two consecutive Zacca send long-range waves in the world, Chamberlain also recorded a goal. Asennabenchangbi to the line-up for a large rotation, Mesut Ozil, Sanchez, Cech and other key players get off the opportunity. Attack by new signing Lucas Peres led, Chamberlain, Adelaide and Ake Boehm behind the ambush, and El Zacca neni – back. The back of the line, Paulista and partner Gibbs Niels and defender Haldin, right and left, the goalkeeper is Martinez. Nottingham forest, former Arsenal center Bendtner debut. Fourth minutes, Kasami shot wide of the right post outside. After a minute, the edge of the Adelaide box trying to hit long-range flying. Ninth minutes, two Arsenal defender mistakes, Nottingham forest area steals the ball, Bendtner cross, Kasami road closed a shot wide of the left post outside. Thirteenth minutes, Chris Bohm shot is a threat, but was saved by goalkeeper. Sixteenth minutes, Bendtner midfielder Zacca down near the referee booked. The twenty-third minute of the match, Zach 30 meters away again sent a "wear vanguard", the ball flew directly into the upper left corner of the goal, Arsenal 1 to 0 lead Nottingham forest. The Swiss International has two consecutive World wave break. Twenty-seventh minutes, Chamberlain try long shots, the ball was a defender of plugging. Thirty-first minutes, Lucas – Peres – also hit the opponent to play. Thirty-eighth minutes, Kasami long-range hit in Zacca who pop up the bottom line. Then the closed road Dumitru Dapian melee attack. Forty-third minutes, El neni’s long shots right corner. Forty-fifth minutes, Chris Bohm fast Leipzig right into the restricted area wide of the far corner. By the end of the second half, Arsenal had a lead. Forty-sixth minutes, Bendtner restricted left wing attack out of the far corner. Fiftieth minutes, Arsenal get free kick opportunity, Lucas – direct attack on the door of the door, but unfortunately playing too goalkeeper confiscated by Peres. Fifty-seventh minutes, Chamberlain shot wide of the left post outside. Fifty-eighth minutes, Lucas – Peres sent straight biography, Chris Bohm left wing into the restricted area by Man Sean Hei down, the referee decisive penalty kick. Then Lucas Peres surgeon kick hit the bottom left corner, Arsenal 2 to 0 lead Nottingham forest, Lucas Peres scored the first goal after joining the gunners. Seventy-first minutes left, Chris Bohm sent straight ball, Lucas – Peres forced goalkeeper Akira inscribed into the restricted area play Kongmen succeed, Arsenal 3 to 0 lead Nottingham forest. Seventy-fourth minutes, Lucas – Peres in the restricted area shot was goalkeeper puzhu. Eightieth minutes, Chamberlain left the ball, El neni at the top left corner long shots. Eighty-sixth minutes, Chamberlain restricted area on the right side of the continuous fake action was shot off the ball. Ninety-third minutes, Chamberlain and Lucas – to do in the – Peres