05Why the Soviet Union will fall into the sick man the rule of law|Why the Soviet Union will fall into the sick man the rule of law4

Why the Soviet Union will fall into the "sick man" the rule of law? Original title: Chernenko: the sick man to "party" to the interests of "no one is to look at the figures. Author: Zhou Zhixing hero" week source: public, "said Zhou" said today that a foreigner you don’t know, former Soviet leader Chernenko. He was born in 1911 in September 24th, today is his 105 year old birthday. When it comes to the Soviet Union, people often use the term "Soviet Union". I don’t see, the former Soviet Union after the Soviet Union should have. In fact No. But, says Konstantin Chernenko, heads in to add "before". It is also a poor man, easy to boil to the head of the throne, just 13 months, butt also did not take the heat, go to see Lenin. During the first half of 80s, the Soviet Union seems to be constantly mouring flooded. Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko Brezhnev died in November 1982; 13 months later, in February 1984, Brezhnev’s successor, Andropov’s funeral, the face of the microphone as the new general secretary Chernenko, he had just succeeded Andropov. But in March 1985, he just took 13 months, died. Less than 3 years, the Soviets continuously buried three general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, three appointed head of state. In the modern history of the world, can be described as a great spectacle. Such a spectacle is not a coincidence. 1964 in October, the Soviet Union had a palace coup, Khrushchev was forced to step down. There are many factors that lead to his resignation, but one of them is certain, is that he offended many colleagues within the party. Many of his reforms have hurt the interests of the party, such as his "cadre rotation" reform measures. At this time the Soviet leader, has become a new elite class. Heard such a story, in the central decided Khrushchev to step down, Brezhnev as the meeting just ended, when the new party leader Brezhnev went out of the hall door, according to a specification with bullet proof car and car guards and bodyguards to have followers, but also he had amazing party efficiency. Of course, this is in the leadership, but also in terms of the treatment of their leaders. Brezhnev succeeded to fully absorb the former "lessons", to fully restore among their "life tenure" and related privileges, won the bureaucratic privilege for their support, which opened the history of the Soviet Union "the most stable for 18 years". Of course, this kind of stability behind, there is clearly a strong political transaction traces. Russian historian Luo Medvedev Blaine said he had to evaluate, in nearly 20 years, occupying the extremely important political position. However, as a character, he is so mediocre; as a politician, he is so lack of talent." "He is a man who is weak in almost every respect, and that is the difference between him and all his predecessors." Up to now, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, "no one is man", which is now under the bar. Hao