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The German double key moment victory they are Sohu sports > Popovich’s most trusted people -; > data point shooting record of Beijing time on November 13th, the Spurs TOYOTA center in Houston with a 106-100 victory over the Rockets, reported three days ago at 2 points behind the home court. Leonard and Aldridge, this double Germany continues to play the role of the Spurs main attacker. The final two people together to cut 36 points, one of which Leonard scored 20 points, Aldridge scored 16 points and 10 rebounds. A at& in Sanantonio; t center, two fire Leonard and Aldridge is the strongest array spurs, Leonard scored a game high 34 points, while Aldridge is the Spurs in the array second scorer. He scored 14 points and 5 rebounds, but Aldridge hit rate is relatively low. Only 15 voted 5. After Duncan retired, Leonard gradually grew into the core of the Spurs, the attack is also fully motivated this season. But today at the TOYOTA center, the Spurs did not as usual, Leonard assists this, instead of just in the most need to score to let Leonard to come forward, the game the Spurs start is not good, has been pressing a rocket head, the first to come forward is Leonard, in the case of the poor feel myself he used to break apart, decisive rocket defense, most of the first quarter from his score after the break layup, but this section of his hit rate is 7 for 10 points in the 5, the Spurs also because of his outbreak and mastered the initiative of the game. In the second quarter of third day limited to silence Leonard, broke out again, at a critical moment in the fourth quarter of that time, Gordon’s 3 consecutive points once poor will be reduced to only 7 points, but Leonard a person to curb this decline of the Spurs, he a breakthrough and a fast break dunk after manufacturing Cappella foul (2 free throws), the Spurs will divide the difference once again opened to two digits. As for Aldridge, although in the first half of the game, he seems to continue the first time when the two sides of the bad dialogue, a lot of opportunities, but always in a high position to waste a good opportunity. But such a bad situation and did not continue in the second half, he played his height advantage in the second half, for allowing Anderson to pay the price, the first is a fadeaway jumper and a high jumper, then under the basket manufacturing Anderson foul, 2 free throws. The last 3 minutes of the game, the Spurs offensive nature back to the "dual German" hands, it is their stability to the Spurs maintain a leading edge, harden hit 3 points will be reduced to 5 points difference, Leonard’s singles jumper to stabilize the situation. When Gordon hit 3 points will narrow the difference to 4 points, and Aldridge hook shot, will be opened to the poor 102-96. 10.4 seconds before the whistle, Aldridge stood on the line, after 2 free throws to ensure victory. (Yi Chong)