05Shanghai Shanghai Ba match war has been able to walk freely return period (video)|Shanghai Shanghai Ba match war has been able to walk freely return period (video)2

Shanghai Shanghai Ba match war has been able to walk freely return period Shanghai Ba fans mad pursuit has been able to walk freely return can be arrived in Shanghai in October 25th Shanghai sports Tencent BA (Li Xu) at the end of July not a nearly March, entering the League last week, Ba returned to Shanghai. Take MU578 flight from Losangeles to Shanghai and arrive at Pudong International Airport at around 6 a.m.. 5 in the morning, the terminal hall there have been hundreds of Shenhua fans figure, and many people are waiting for the night. Demba and the Shenhua club chairman Wu Xiaohui appeared together in the sight of. Ba wearing a black sweater wearing a peaked cap. After more than ten hours of journey, but the spirit looks pretty good. It is worth mentioning that the pace of his walk at ease. Because the scene is more crowded, there have been fans loudly remind, be careful not to touch the feet of ba!" Fans from Losangeles to pull the flag back to Shanghai, it is because he was accompanied by a rehabilitation division to work in the United states. This is a Sipeita rehabilitation center to recommend a well-known French rehabilitation division, perennial cooperation in the United States and NBA team. If no accident, Ba the next part of the recovery project by the company in France to complete the rehabilitation division. Although go to Qatar rehabilitation month, Ba has been retained to rent a house in Shanghai. After leaving the airport, he will go straight home. Later, Ba and the Shenhua club high-level meeting communication recovery and the next scheduled this afternoon, and Ba will go to Cambridge base rehabilitation training. Tomorrow night, Ba will go to the football stadium in Hongkou, the scene to watch the Shanghai Shenhua last home court game of the season against Beijing Guoan. After Ba joined last year Shenhua, the first home court game is against Beijing Guoan, he won his first goal for shenhua. If they can bring a victory for Ba, Shenhua will be locked in advance before the League three position. Fans greeted the last game Ba Shenhua team is away against Changchun Yatai, the team will go to Changchun on the afternoon of October 29th, Ba will also be in the evening, the plane ride back to qatar. The rehabilitation process of ba a recent period of time is very good, has started a simple training with the ball. From the current situation, Shenhua striker next season back in time, it is worth looking forward to.