05Barcelona selfless two goals within the source of a strong interpretation of the Paris refused becau|Barcelona selfless two goals within the source of a strong interpretation of the Paris refused becau5

Basa selfless two ball source of less powerful interpretation to Paris because of this [Basa] report 5-1 away win two Messi ball Su God less meritorious deeds harmonious relationship MSN is Basa (official data) the most powerful weapons Tencent sports news September 17th agent Libeiluoben week disclosure, Paris this summer to Neymar to provide tax 40 million euros in the universe the annual salary level ", but the Brazilian refused, because it wants to stay in Basa play two League Round Red Blues goal, perhaps from the side confirmed this. The first half of Barcelona 3-0 ahead, 3 balls are made of combination of MSN, after two goals can best reflect the understanding of the South American trident. 31 minutes Messi road off the opponent back, to stop and then start the quick spike extraordinary movement of the hands will break down in the Huang Wei, Suarez this time from the left Xiecha road closed, to help Messi take a back up against the front of Messi, only a goalkeeper, there are countless ways will the ball into the net but, Messi chose to cross knock himself without the ball pin Su God, the latter directly stopping wade into the goal. After the goal, Messi Suarez embraced Messi, is in the first ball is Barcelona Suarez right strong overtaking pass the people evacuation, tuishe single in Messi’s defense, a quarter of an hour after Barcelona 10, return the ball back. "Hello cake" to the mouth of the scene, the end of the first half again, Messi road Zhise, Suarez quickly broke the offside trap sprint, will attract out cool goalkeeper horizontalknock, Neymar on the left side inserted easily kindly gift this season, won the first league goal. Compared with the second half penalty from scoring, Barcelona first half of the 3 ball more typical, reflect the characteristics of Barcelona, MSN is not only superior personal ability, more frightening is the tacit understanding between the three, and is willing to pass each other, often appear similar to the selfless assists, barely barely shot or chidushi, gorgeous with the emerge in an endless stream. A kind of street football style spirit and understanding burst, European players difficult to copy. "Continuous feed cake" to partner mouth, MSN play cool game assists Neymar, is the nineteenth time Suarez for his assists, and he gave Messi assists is eighteenth times, light to the two partner directly assists manufacturing 37 ball. Messi also assists Suarez, has accumulated for the people of Uruguay and Neymar 18 assists the ball, Pedro tied, tied the most assists teammates, and two with partner Messi time is far less than the sword, but also triple tacit tiancheng. In Barcelona played well, is the biggest reason why Neymar refused to contract price, Paris also has Di Maria, Lydia and dimension of these first-class master Messi Suarez Cavani, but such a top partner, but to where to find? Real Madrid (data) BBC is super striker, but each other is hard to wipe out MSN spark, C Ronaldo and Benzema have some exquisite small, Baer is very difficult and the two person play fast, even also assists cross into the restricted area to a teammate in goal, is the most significant European and South American Trident Trident the difference between the halberd. Paris dominate the French is no problem, but not yet in the Champions League top strength, cannot win Barcelona 8 crown competition force and nearly 10 events. More importantly, Neymar played well in Barcelona