050 million women pleaded not guilty to fraud alleged victims of more than 20 people are friends in B|50 million women pleaded not guilty to fraud alleged victims of more than 20 people are friends in B

Woman fraud alleged 50 million pleaded not guilty to victims of more than 20 people are relatives of report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Suya) with promise of investment and financial management to obtain high returns an excuse, four years, Lee cheat more than twenty friends money totaling more than 50 million yuan. Today, Lee in Beijing City Court for trial, but in court, she refused to plead guilty, I did not earn a penny, I do not have occupation". 2010, Lee in the Ping An insurance company to do insurance and financial services. At first, Lee said she just want to make money, in order to help friends to earn a little money, so she to friends and relatives Xu to high rebate, in the name of a person to borrow money for investment and financial management. Li Mouxian is with his relatives, Lee’s sister Wang is her first customer "". Ms. Wang recalled, because the family had to know Lee in the insurance finance, also in Lee somewhere to buy insurance, so after Lee put forward to borrow money, she did not refuse. The beginning is only twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, but a few years, the amount of her investment is growing, from the bank documents to see a total of about 20000000 to her". To invest, mostly Lee’s relatives or friends for many years. At first, Lee did honor her commitment to the relatives and friends. "I’m about to do it, I said to 10% interest, I can do it." See the return on investment, there are friends to find a friend to take the initiative to do investment banking. I rarely find outsiders to get, are acquaintances to do the middle." Lee said that all of her borrowings are carried out through a number of intermediaries, to the payment and repayment are directly to the middle, and then by the middle of the distribution. Although the name of the name of investment banking, but Lee is not to profit, but the interest earned by lending. Until 2014, Lee from Ping An insurance company turnover, her book has suffered losses, but she did not this close hand, still in the guise of Finance and investment continue to accumulate wealth by unfair means, is no longer in rebate. Find their investment boondoggle, more than 20 victims have alarm. After investigation, the police locked the suspect Lee and arrested. The third examination review found that February 2010 to 2014, the defendant Lee in water, Chaoyang District, Peking City, Nanzhuang, Shilipu, the founding of the people’s Republic of China door and Changying, to make financial investment has high returns grounds, fraud victims money, resulting in the victim, Ms. Wang and so on more than 20 people loss of a total of 50 million yuan. Therefore, three points to the prosecution of fraud will be prosecuted to the Beijing third intermediate people’s court. At 9:30 this morning, Lee was brought into the third court of the fourteen court. Short stature, answer softly Lee, it is hard to relate it to fraud. "I didn’t make a penny. I didn’t invade." In the court, Lee denied that his behavior is fraud, the prosecution of the prosecution, she also said that it is not true". Court, the prosecution and Lee for the amount of fraud launched a controversy. Although Lee’s book loss amounted to 50 million yuan, but Lee is not recognized, she said that nearly 40 million of which she has returned to the middle. "When I returned to the middle man, they made 4 of them.