04Zhang Jike car Maserati 800 thousand nouveau riche! Watch 6000 slippers|Zhang Jike car Maserati 800 thousand nouveau riche! Watch 6000 slippers9

Zhang Jike car Maserati 800 thousand nouveau riche! Watch slippers 6000 black rich handsome Zhang Jike sina sports recently Zhang Jike is long held micro-blog hot search list, fans even launched a topic, called "today Zhang Jike hot search:" the table tennis Grand Slam, as can be imagined popularity. In addition to the stadium with a handsome side, private Zhang Jike is irreparably constantly, although he always ordinary T-shirt + blue shoes, Zhang Jike is the real deal, "your son" car is a luxury car Martha Lahti, watch hundreds of 800 thousand yuan…… Zhang Jike has a value of 2 million 880 thousand Martha Lahti, very domineering. At the same time, he is keen on collecting all kinds of watches, most want to settle in the country is Switzerland — million table country. Appeared in his hand on the list include: Richard Mille RM 055 "Black Legend", "white legend" Global Limited Edition, price: RMB 60~80 million, he bought two of the other day. Another piece. In this picture, he’s D& G T-shirt worth 4000 dollars. Other tables and Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore, price: 200 thousand yuan Audemars Piguet JULES AUDEMARS series ultra-thin watches, price: 15-20 million yuan at the humble a pair of slippers, the value of 6000. Armani logo not too big. The shirt from the Japanese brand, price 2000+. Black handsome Zhang Jike is very generous, who waved his hand, out of pocket 110 thousand to the national team to buy air purifiers… Of course, Zhang Jike is also a very practical youth favorite T-shirt and blue sports shoes are very normal prices. The court domineering, outside the stadium to think that the nouveau riche, Zhang Jike? (part of the image text source see watermark)