03What kind of food can help white hair turn black You have to eat them!|What kind of food can help white hair turn black You have to eat them!5

What kind of food can help white hair turn black? You have to eat them! Houttuynia cordata Houttuynia, alias side ear, pig nose, purple lotus Festival, nine, Ji lung grass and Wu Xingcao, unique fragrance. Houttuynia is a refreshing appetizer and unique taste of Yamano Ka. Guizhou is a large wild herbs, maternal and child, especially love to eat, with strong local characteristics. In the spring and Autumn period that Houttuynia has been feeding, south of the Yangtze River region is widely distributed in the mountains, but rarely eat Houttuynia, its main function is medicine. [main ingredients] nutritional components of Houttuynia cordata is a carbohydrate, protein, fat, also contains a certain amount of methyl n-butyl ketone, caprylic acid and Wang myrcene etc.. [effect] Houttuynia medicinal whole plant can be used as medicine, has obvious inhibitory effects on influenza, pneumococcus, and detoxification, heat, pain, cough, gas, stomach and other medical treatment, topical treatment of scabies, eczema, hemorrhoids and other diseases. Houttuynia can promote the growth of hair, make hair black, and a nourishing effect. [method] the edible tender and crisp Houttuynia root, spicy flavor, as the main edible part. Houttuynia can raw food can also be cooked. The root, stem and leaf can be cold, can be fried, pickled or made into tea, wine, soft drinks and other health drinks. The raw food cooking method is to cut salt pickled Houttuynia dehydration, add ginger and garlic, sesame oil and salad. Can also be based on personal preferences to choose another. Its characteristic is to preserve the original flavor, is fresh and crisp, unique fragrance. Many cooking methods have scrambled eggs cooked food, Houttuynia flower, Houttuynia seafood soup, ham braised shredded meat fried pepper Houttuynia cordata, etc..   from Chinese Textile Press "food code" by Zhang Xunjie