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Independence of the California regiment how thick? GDP sixth – rich French global Sohu news in the United States for two days is not a bit quiet, everywhere is the Trump protest demonstrations. Look at these pictures, "beating, smashing, looting and burning" one does not fall, this is our understanding of the United States? As the Democratic hardcore ticket bunker, the people of California the very hurt. After all, the election did not begin counting before the media had put it in blue. (blue on behalf of the Democratic Party, on behalf of the red republican) California is the largest population in the state, has the nation’s largest 55 electoral votes. But it still can not help Hilary to come back. Therefore, after the election results came out, the people of California is the first to protest in the streets. California is located in the largest city of the Hollywood in Losangeles, most of the stars are Hilary fans. (LadyGaga to the Trump Building to protest protest outside California), and move up another idea: from the United States became an independent country in foreign affairs! Er (ID:xjb-waishier) recently found that Twitter has set off a wave of calls for California independence movement. In fact, as early as in the British and European referendum, California calls off the United States has existed, or even follow the example of Brexit (the British off the European referendum campaign – English) made a Calexit label. But at that time in response to a handful. (they are right, we left!) the Trump was elected president, called for the requirements of Calexit crazy pass network. California should be out of america. We are the richest state in the United States, strong enough to stand alone. I’m not going to be an American anymore, I’m from California, and an independent movement called "YesCalifornia" has become the vanguard of California’s beauty. Once again, the votes of the people of California did not affect the presidential election. So why do we stay in the United States, the group even designed a slogan: California is a country, not a state. We will work to make California an independent country. On the official website of the YesCalifornia, you can see them making the "blue book", the goal is to hold a referendum in 2019. In their view, the independence of California is emboldened. First, the economic strength. GDP in California in recent years has been ranked first in the United states. In 2015, for example, California’s GDP was $2 trillion and 460 billion, far more than second of Dezhou’s $1 trillion and 460 billion. Separately, California’s GDP is second only to the United Kingdom, slightly more than France, is the world’s sixth largest economy. Second, rich in natural resources. California has rich natural resources, including coal, oil, natural gas and so on. In accordance with the laws of the United States, most of the proceeds from natural resources are owned by the federal government. If California is independent, which means that these gains are owned by the people of California, third, immigration, international fan?