02Star with the Shenzhou – Sohu to health|Star with the Shenzhou – Sohu to health8

"Star" with the Shenzhou – Sohu to healthy return capsule of Shenzhou eleven Song Haifeng main landing field medical support and rescue work, the secret Zhang Lancheng, No.306 Hospital of Chinese PLA Beijing, Eagle report, 01 astronauts feel good, 02 astronauts feel good." "Beijing" understand "the astronauts in good physical condition, to enter the medical procedure" at this time, the placement area crowd, all the participants of the National People’s boiling, boiling…… Always glued to the main landing field commander of the medical rescue team was relieved, leaving two players escort astronauts to Beijing after the rest of the staff quietly packed up equipment, back to the assembly area, ready to return…… This "who do not want to use" the team is sent by the No.306 Hospital pumping bring together to form the backbone of the elite, the "1/10000 accident" combat readiness, no star they are flying with the Shenzhou eleven "". "Days" mission, who do not want to fight for the first color children? They would rather eat melons when people Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven rendezvous docking mission is an important link to verify key technology space stations in china. Return to the search and rescue mission to protect covers more than 20 participating units, in addition to the main landing field of No.306 Hospital medical system, all want to be able to return to the ground search and rescue mission to honor, the icing on the cake. However, only the medical rescue team, from the commander to the ordinary one does not want to play any role in this team. According to statistics, in the human spaceflight activities carried out half a century of years, there have been 22 astronauts who gave their lives, including 11 people at the expense of landing in the spacecraft in the process of medical care, timely and accurate is the last line of the bottom line to protect the safety of the astronauts. Medical rescue team captain Gu Jianwen not tangle: medical team is willing to do this last solid bottom line, especially in such a remarkable task, we can participate in the incomparable glory. However, we don’t have any astronauts to touch the bottom line, do not want to show in the task ". Because the astronauts, even a little injury are not the Chinese people and the participants want to see, our hope is always a ready just in case team, maybe this is the perfect regret it!" To celebrate together and the National People’s safe return of astronauts, they will be stationed in Siziwangqi for 56 days and the end of time. The main landing area is only more than and 600 km away from Beijing, but the whole team did not return home one day. Old man Li Lu, director of cardiothoracic surgery in October 1st to get married, in October 2nd, director Lee has arrived in the field to participate in training exercises. He firmly believes that: the medical team to prepare the more perfect, the astronauts returned to rest assured. "Do not want to, do not put out, but hard banger" skills, the pursuit of perfection, no danger of anything going wrong. Shenzhou five manned space mission from the beginning of the mission, the medical team began to assume the astronauts returned to the medical mission. Arguably, ensuring that the solution has been very mature, but each time the astronauts return to face the new medical tasks, they must improve the overall audit and disposal plan, to.