01Manchester refused to take early replay Borussia luxury hotel do compensation requirements|Manchester refused to take early replay Borussia luxury hotel do compensation requirements5

Manchester refused to take early replay request Borussia luxury hotel do internal compensation Manchester City training center four star hotel sina sports an unexpected heavy rain, the city once again catch up with two months ago in the nest like "because of the weather, the match was postponed for" bad luck, but the place changed their stronghold — Manchester. This can be from the visitors to the germans! To make the match has been put off until Wednesday morning Beijing time 2:45’s decision, and the two sides discussed Borussia Manchester for 2.5 hours at the Etihad stadium office! The Germans want the game at 3 p.m. local time (Beijing time Tuesday evening at 10) kick-off, however Manchester city insists to at 7:45 p.m. local time. Manchester City made free in their team at Borussia training base of the four star luxury hotel as compensation, the Germans were rebuffed, they said: "where there is no problem, we just want to go home early!" Local time on September 13th, the two sides Borussia club spokesman discloses emergency consultations, Manchester City Club Borussia for delay of game process was frustration and dissatisfaction. "We hope to get the game as early as possible so that we can get back to Germany on Wednesday night," Marcus, the spokesman said. It’s important for us, but Manchester City just can’t satisfy us. We feel very unhappy on the night 7:45’s decision, but this is the fact that only. "Manchester City is hoping to give us a chance to stay at their training base, but it’s no use for us, because the hotel is not a problem at all. We just want to go home tomorrow. In my opinion, it takes us more time than expected to make us lose." Insisting on a game on Wednesday night, the reason for the city is that they can’t have enough staff on Wednesday afternoon. Borussia spokesman also said that he believes Manchester City to do so is "out of consideration of security forces". In fact, Manchester City offers 4-star hotel free service is quite good, the suites are equipped with double bed (king-sized beds) and President (en suite bathrooms) – bathroom. Pellegrini period, he will bring his players here to spend the night before the game. However, such methods can not make up for Germany team appreciate. By the way, the current city manager Guardiola has not let the players stay in this hotel, but let them go back home, together with the rest of Europe Guanxin meet late season. In addition, Borussia also to compensate reservation for Tuesday night’s game tickets for the Manchester expedition Borussia fans, the official twitter said: regardless of whether the fans will watch the expedition one on Wednesday night in the UK, the club Borussia will refund the ticket fare away. The daily mail predicts that only a small percentage of the 1600 German fans coming into play on Tuesday night will appear on the Edie Harder Stadium on Wednesday, most of them on Wednesday morning.