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How FIFA best coach C Ronaldo Xuansang Toth Zidane think? [Baer] goal assists C Rowe shot and freehand Zidane fived Tencent sports news November 10th Portuguese star C Ronaldo was interviewed, he pointed out that over the past week for him too fantastic, but the vote said of FIFA coach of the year when C Luo pointed out that would vote for the national team coach Santos. Instead of Real Madrid coach Zidane (data). In recent weeks, C Ronaldo has ushered in the good news, first of all, the Real Madrid contract until 2021, and subsequently signed a contract with Nike for life, in accordance with the media interpretation, only the two year contract, will let him for 47 million 600 thousand euros. In this regard, C Luo said happily, this time for me is simply too fantastic. A few days ago, I just signed with Real Madrid, and yesterday, and with my sponsor Nike signed a lifetime contract, this is really a great week, I am very proud, also very happy to have this super two contract in the occupation career." Speaking in Lisbon sports academy, C Luo said, "in the Lisbon athletics (Portuguese sports) plays a very important role during the days of my occupation career development, there is a place to start my career, back there again let people feel happy. Lisbon is my second hometown, I have very good memories there, I often mention, with his family in his 11 years of age is a difficult journey from Madeira to Lisbon, it was a hard day of my occupation career, I grow up, I also thank all the people." In speaking of the original and Manchester United to sign, C Ronaldo recalls, "it happened so fast, played a game with them after I left Lisbon for Manchester, I remember I did very well in the game. Sir Ferguson made it happen all the time. When I joined Manchester United, I felt so blessed that I couldn’t imagine that." The Champions League this season, Real Madrid C Ronaldo will return to Lisbon, in this regard, he said, "go back to Lisbon I always feel very special, almost unbelievable, of course, I still hope that we can win the game." On 2016 the achievement, also very proud of the Real Madrid first said, "for my occupation career, last season was a very important season, I won the Champions League, also won the European Cup, it is my occupation career best season." FIFA announced the best coach candidates, Zidane and Santos are on the list, C Ronaldo is the Portuguese national team captain, he has one vote, while talking about his choice, the Portuguese star said, "obviously, my two coach Zidane and Santos’s work are very good. But it seems to me that it is more difficult for Portugal to win the first European Championship in history. Zidane’s work is very good, but have to make a choice, I would choose Santos. This is not based on the relationship, I have a good relationship with the two managers, I think if they are in my position, they will choose." (Brooke)