01ESPN continues to lead the thunder combat power rankings Knight Minnesota soared (video)|ESPN continues to lead the thunder combat power rankings Knight Minnesota soared (video)4

ESPN: Knight combat power rankings continue to lead the thunder Minnesota soaring season opener five aspect warriors four giant Qi Liangxiang James showdown muskmelon October 25th news (Sports Tencent Marc Stein, ESPN senior writer) the new season will start and ESPN update the latest team power rankings. Compared to the training camp, the Cavaliers continue to lead the league, while the thunder and the Timberwolves have a significant increase in the rankings. Knight continues to lead the power list 1 Cleveland 2015-16 season record: 57 wins and 25 losses ranked first on James in the finals of the last three games, Cleveland broke the curse, let the warriors defending plans. In the fix J.R. Smith after the contract, they are still fighting for the top league team, then perhaps they should consider Erwin to find a qualified guard off the bench. 2 Jinzhou warriors 2015-16 season record: 73 wins and 9 losses on the ranking: second warriors are the basic data and the big four, they are trembling in the preseason reflected fighting force. Maybe they will soon rise to power list, just think of it, last year the warriors have very efficient "death five" lineup, they put Barnes escalated into Durant. 3 Sanantonio spurs 2015-16 season record: 67 wins and 15 losses last year ranked third: Spurs will usher in the opener, for the first time in 20 years without Duncan’s opener. However, they did not weaken the strength of how much. It is expected that Popovich will say something before the start of the warriors and spurs. 4 Losangeles clippers 2015-16 season record: 53 wins and 29 negative on the ranking: fourth according to the investigation report of the 30 general manager of the alliance, the clippers have ranked second PG (Paul), ranked fourth in the big striker (Griffin), ranked first in the center (Jordan), ranked fourth in the pure scorer (Reddick) sixth, the most influential Alliance (Crawford), such a strong team, we should go further. The Clippers moved to California in 38 years, no one scored the final partition. 5 Boston Celtic 2015-16 season: 48 wins and 34 losses on the ranking: Sixth Horford 9 years of occupation career, where the team had two played 50 or more games this season, believe it will be a third al horford. In the smart and Ollie Nick depth after the return, green army will become more terrible. 6 Toronto Raptors 2015-16 season record: 56 wins and 26 losses last year ranked fifth: Raptors rankings compared to the previous decline, a large part of the reason is that Salinger because of the wound to be out for quite a long period of time, which makes the Raptors back to the Eastern Conference finals the road becomes somewhat difficult. The 7 Oklahoma City thunder team 2015-16 season record: 55 wins and 27 negative ranking: tenth over the past two seasons, in 48 games without Durant, Westbrook averaged 30.5 points, 9.2 assists and 7.6 rebounds in league history, the only one who can play in the entire season like data.