00The next Google, Facebook will be born in what areas US venture capitalists know the answer|The next Google, Facebook will be born in what areas US venture capitalists know the answer1

The next Google, Facebook will be born in what areas? U.S. venture capitalists know the answer [AI generation editor] U.S. media recently published an interview with Mark • • (Marc Andreessen) interview. Anderson believes that artificial intelligence will become the next wave of technology led, and change the world. Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques allow computers to better understand the world and respond in a more intelligent way. Google (micro-blog) have embraced this technology in the Android system, but from UAV to medical diagnosis the technology will be more far-reaching, this technology will penetrate into all aspects of life. At least, the U.S. venture capitalists, Vc firm Andreessen Horowitz founder Mark Anderson holds this view. As a matter of fact, he has the right to speak in this respect. 20 years ago, he accumulated huge wealth through the development of Netscape, and his Vc firm has recently successfully invested in Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Slack and Lyft star enterprise. Anderson has been in close contact with entrepreneurs and investors, hoping to create a new generation of technology companies, his investment company in charge of $2 billion 700 million of funds. Anderson said that the recent breakthroughs in science and technology means that artificial intelligence technology is expected to give birth to a new generation of technology giants. At the same time, he acknowledged that some industries have always been very resistant to technological change, he said, the need to adopt more measures to integrate the influence of software into every corner of economic development. Foreign media at the end of 9 through the phone to communicate, the following is a generation of AI (micro signal: tencentAI) compiled compiled interview records. The field of artificial intelligence will be the birth of a technology giant asked: do you think the next generation of technology companies will come from? 1990s is Google and Amazon, Facebook and Uber in 2000s. Obviously, there may be some companies we have not yet heard of but are about to make a major breakthrough. However, it is hard to imagine which companies have been set up in the past 6 years, such as Google, Facebook or amazon. Anderson: from the traditional point of view, this will be accompanied by the emergence of new platforms and architecture, but also the emergence of a new generation of technology. The most recent wave of major technologies is smart phones and smart phone applications. Smart phones in 2007 to achieve a lot of application categories in 2010 or 2011. Obviously, there are a large number of companies around the creation of smart phones has become a very important business. But four years or even two years ago, it was not as clear as it is today. So, if the smart phone architecture is the latest wave of scientific and technological trends, then artificial intelligence, virtual reality, automation, voice and things are likely to become the next wave of important scientific and technological trends. The most obvious example is artificial intelligence. It is obvious that there are a number of new products and companies that will use artificial intelligence as their core. Facebook, Google and Amazon have paid the most sophisticated effort in this field.