00The candied sweet potatoes warm healing dessert – and Sohu|The candied sweet potatoes warm healing dessert – and Sohu9

The candied sweet potatoes: this season warm healing dessert – and Sohu of the year, I feel the allergic physique, letinous edodes blue thin. Dynamic skin allergies, the day is better, at night that is unable to sleep rhythm, a bad sleep, all kinds of old problems have come out. Recently, it is busy, and have never met bestie for a long time, two people are tired as a dog. This time, the more need to eat sweets, heal yourself. Make a candied sweet potatoes, sugar silk threads, warm healing dessert, eat a little tired to add their own heat and energy. [ingredients] sweet potato 4, edible oil 1 bowls, 3 tablespoon sugar [] sweet potato practice washed, peeled; cut into pieces, soaked in water for 10 minutes; sweet potato drain water; hot oil, under the sweet potato; with a small fire slowly fried sweet potato until golden; out of sweet potato,. The fried sweet potato Oil 1 tablespoons in the pot, hot oil, sugar; small fire fried sugar; sugar fry melting brown; under the sweet potato; stir fry potato to each piece were wrapped in syrup; flame dish can be eaten. [] my fifth food sweet potato was small, only slightly larger than a fist; sweet potato starch, easy fried fried, can make the water to drain water, and use a small fire fried fried sugar; when the patient, fried sweet potato is not in place, do not pull wire, if the sugar will taste bitter. WeChat Sina micro-blog public number & fifth: the idle away in seeking pleasure