19The little pea + baby zone picture picture book series released a cognitive – Sohu mother|The little pea + baby zone picture picture book series released a cognitive – Sohu mother6

"The little pea + baby zone picture picture book series" released a cognitive – Sohu maternal baby picture released September 30th, area of "little pea + picture book series" free trial of cognitive activities. The activities of the book issued by the double spiral children’s library special sponsorship. The little pea is a set of cognitive picture series in bilingual rhythm books, including "count" Doug "Doug" 2 letter book. Two there are a group of lovely pea baby. Peas or jumping or jumping, or a song or painting, to weave a wonderful world for children. Baby zone since March 7, 2011, creating a picture book free home delivery activities probation standard mode, keep good cooperation with hundreds of books read press, become the lead industry benchmarking platform, platform to imitate. So far, the platform has a total payment of more than 2 volumes of books, and hundreds of books on a weekly free delivery frequency to continue to carry out activities, covering millions of books like family. In addition to the children, parents are also concerned about the baby zone reading preferences, so in addition to distribute books on time, will be regularly published for other parents to read all kinds of books reading activities. Good books can not only open the children to grow up in the subtle enlightenment, can affect the child’s thinking character, behavior habit, similarly, parents in their children’s reading in between can also enhance the communication with their children, the parent-child relationship is more harmonious. If you are still in the majority of parents for children to select appropriate picture books to worry about, may wish to participate in baby Zone Books probation activities, a parent-child interaction quality reading. — — more parenting knowledge, parent-child topic, award interactive login baby zone website access

39Cook in charge of Apple’s five year report card higher profits less innovation – Sohu Finance|Cook in charge of Apple’s five year report card higher profits less innovation – Sohu Finance4

Cook took the apple five years transcript: higher profits less innovation – Sohu finance today is Cook from the dying Jobs (died six weeks later) took over Apple’s "five anniversary". Cook to hand over the transcripts from the company level is good, five years Apple has become the largest company in the world, the most profitable market; but in terms of innovation, Cook is still facing severe challenges: at present, Apple’s flagship product is a Jobs "legacy", Cook causeth the apple in the innovation performance of the next few years, perhaps one of the most important philosophical questions linger in the minds of people will answer: what is the history of the creation of Jobs, or Jobs made history?   Cook; the management ability of the United States on August 24, 2011, Cook Jobs took over from apple, apple on the day of the closing price of $54 (adjusted for dividends and stock price after the split), five years later, apple yesterday to close to $108.85, while Apple’s revenue is also doubled in 5 years, net income increased 84%.   these apple achieved financial success, mainly due to Cook to Apple’s high value-added products faster to the hands of consumers at the same time, under his leadership, the market will become second only to the United States China source of income.  , in addition, Cook will be in the era of the Jobs era, Apple’s service development. Apple services include iTunes, Apple Music, App Store and iCloud, these services only in the third quarter of this year to create a $6 billion revenue, second only to iPhone. Cook’s innovation ability however, create more revenue and profits in the business to expand industry at the same time, Cook in innovation in five years is not too many achievements. Apple’s product line at the helm of Cook five years, almost no change. Only a launch after the death of Jobs’s new iWatch DOA: in the two quarter of this year sales of only 1 million 600 thousand, compared with the same period last year fell 55%.   but that’s not to say that Cook doesn’t focus on innovation. During the 5 years at the helm of Cook, Apple’s R & D revenue has increased year by year, the 2016 R & D expenditure of $2 billion 500 million in the two quarter, while the same period last year, only a quarter of $600 million in research and development spending. In addition, the proportion of R & D revenue also began to soar.   that Cook huge investment in R & D investment? CNBC made a preliminary guess: Auto Driving Apple has established a Titan project, focusing on the study of autopilot technology. In addition, apple in May this year to $1 billion stake in the trip was also speculated that the application of the market ahead of the market for automatic driving technology. The health sector has been a focus of attention in the past two years apple. 2014 Apple released Health applications, and provides the relevant development platform. The purpose is to collect the user’s health information, and build personal health records. According to reports, many hospitals are interested in apple technology. Cook believes that health.